Monday, April 18, 2011

One down, two to go...

If you could see my desk right now, you would know that you can't REALLY see my desk at all, as it's completely covered with everything, all screaming urgent, time sensitive, and important. I ignore it long enough to blog. With final exams coming up, a huge trial about to begin at work, and just life in general, there is  no time left unfilled.

But HALLELUJAH, I am done with my final trial! It went splendidly, and I loved Trial Advocacy, but it does feel SO good to be done with one class completely and only have two exams separating me from a vacation with my husband. No video this time, unfortunately, because of the potential for cheating and trial competitions and all sorts of things like that. Plus, you wouldn't want to watch it anyway, because it lasted four hours. FOUR HOURS. Who knew I would ever get tired of talking? I did. I knew things had gone way, way too far when I started dreaming about my case at work combined with Nicholas Townsley, my poor, hypothetical victim in my case at school. I'm happy to say that I am done with good ol' Nick (insert Eric jumping for joy here) and am soon to be done with "X" client at work (hoping that trial wraps up while I'm in France so that I come home to a clean slate! Insert Eric forcing me to quit my job if it doesn't, ha!).

Even though I have a week PACKED FULL of studying for Evidence and Sentencing, Eric and I are planning on sneaking in a little date this weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary on Sunday! That is my sole motivation to be super productive this week so I can go and not feel guilty for not studying!

For any of you that I owe a phone call, it's coming, I promise - but it may be from the airport before I leave for France after exams! Here comes my semester-ly apology...I love you all, but I'm just completely out of touch with the real world until after finals.  I'll be holed away, wearing the same yoga pants for a week, with a coffee IV, and muttering to myself about mandatory minimums for a while.

For now, I'm just trying to live by my mantra: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are....and then go on VACATION!


  1. Congrats w/ being done w/ your final trial Casey! And enjoy your time in France. :)

  2. Congratulations on all your hard work! I can definitely relate...the end is in sight though!

  3. love that mantra! So true :)