Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving!

I'm linking up the things I'm currently loving with Jamie again today!

 1. The fact that my sweet husband's anniversary gift was just finished and I LOVVVVVVE it! Of course, I can't say what it is on here yet, because he hasn't gotten it yet :) But stay tuned! Ahhhhhh it's so awesome!

2. The fact that G and Scott are coming over this weekend for a traditional weekend grillout...something that we used to do almost every weekend but it has been way. too. long.  Makin a comeback on Saturday! Even if we do have to practice for our final trials at the same time! But over some pulled chicken barbecue? Likely.

3. I found these AWESOME workout/yoga pants at Gap this weekend for only $8 because all they had left were extra-smalls! Which were $50 originally, thank you very much. And I have worn them twice since Sunday. Just in time for the way I roll during exams...which are coming up in three weeks. God bless Eric; say a prayer.

4. The time until our vacation to France to celebrate our one year anniversary keeps getting shorter and shorter! 21 days! I have a countdown in my planner. I'm almost positive that that surprises no one.  One place I'm particularly excited to go visit? Shakespeare & Company, right across the street from Notre Dame! This may look like a disorganized mess to most of you...a small taste of heaven to me. 


5. That I got a hung jury in my 2 hour trial on Monday night! Not a not-guilty verdict, but my "client," stayed out of jail for another day! I'll take it! Now it's time to step it up (as the prosecution next time) before my final trial on Monday!

6. That my beloved friend Amy is officially home and doing well after a week of hospitalization for a pulmonary embolism last week! Her text to me, while I'm sitting Evidence? "Hey don't freak out, but I'm at Lexington Medical Center for a blood clot in my left lung - on blood thinners, they're taking good care of me, will be fine." So what did I do? Promptly freaked out, of course. Scary stuff...I'm so thankful that there were no serious complications and that she is on the up and up.

Happy Wednesday Lovelies! I hope taking a few minutes to be thankful for your blessings is as encouraging for you as it is for me!


  1. Thanks for playing along!

    What a FUN anniversary trip y'all have planned!

  2. congrats on your court victory (it's a victory in my book) and i'm so glad your friend is recuperating well! also...grilling out- yum!!