Friday, June 8, 2012

Keeps me Cryin Carolina...

This past weekend made for the third weekend in a row that Eric and I have been away from home. 
Because of his travel with work, Eric hasn't been at home,
 physically in our house,
  in over 20 days.
That is just plain tiring.

However, spending the weekend at Eric's parents' home near Greenville, SC is anything but stressful. 
I've blogged about their home here before...we normally spend Thanksgiving there, and it is just gorgeous in autumn. 

This weekend was cause for a special celebration there...
Eric's younger brother, Kevin, graduated from high school!
Eric flew in to his parents' house on Thursday  night (from Virginia, where he is working currently), and Pierre and I road-tripped from Tampa earrrrly on Friday morning. 
We left about 4 am, and Pierre did so great in the car for his first long ride!
 We bought this "hammock" for the backseat of my car that keeps the hair off and keeps him from getting into the front seat. I put his bed back there, and he slept most of the way.
Every once in a while, I would turn around to this view at the edge of the hammock...
 Nosey little thing, in the most literal sense.
He just has the sweetest disposition...always wants to be close.

I was at Eric's parents' by around 1:30 in the afternoon, and to say that Pierre had a blast running on all of their land and around the pond would be an understatement. 
Eric's mom, in typical grandma fashion, had plenty of treats and bones ready for him. 
He started out thirsty...
And due to a mishap with a loose rock, ended up like this...

Basset hounds are surely not known for their swimming abilities, and he scared himself at first, but then realized he was actually standing and all was well. 

Graduation was at 7 pm on Friday night, which made for some awkward dinner timing! Eric and I were starving afterward and ended up in the Burger King drive through on the way home at 10:30 pm, because we just couldn't wait any longer to eat!
But I digress.
Graduation was lovely, and it's so neat to watch Kevin function and interact as a *gulp* (practically) adult, with his friends.

Somehow, Eric and I ended up with this series of photos, with his dad as photographer, trying to get us to "look off into the distance."
We never got it right. 

The first two photos are more telling of us anyway. 

Kevin is off to Clemson in the fall, majoring in Engineering, and Eric and I are super pumped for football season already. 


Since we went to Winthrop (which didn't have football), Eric and I have never found ourselves with any good reason to pull for either Clemson or Carolina. 
A travesty as South Carolinians.
We were ashamed.
But we have now been redeemed. 
Kevin, thank you, we can now wear our orange proudly.

On Saturday morning, Pierre got a wild streak and decided to have Eric chase him through the neighbor's (wet) yard at 7 am.
This resulted in a bath in the laundry room tub at 7:20 am. 
This resulted in me being exhausted by 7:40 a.m.
Insert mug of coffee #2.

I helped Eric's mom prep for the afternoon party, and then Eric and I ran Pierre up to the vet for Part 2 of his flu shot. 
He had to have the second part within 3 weeks of the first, but my goodness, we have not been home long enough!
So he got it on the road. 
And what was supposed to be a 15 minute vet visit turned into an hour and a half visit. Isn't that the way it always goes?
But...they were super nice and gave us a $15 discount for waiting.
Customer service at its finest. 
Man I miss the south. 

Eric's parents had lots of friends over for a party for Kevin on Saturday night. 
Pierre appointed himself official greeter-of-guests.
Wearing this darling bow tie that his Aunt G bought him. 

 I die. 
Seersucker Bow Tie.
For my dog. 
He looked so dapper in it!
Pardon the terrible cell phone photo...I managed to get better ones later in the day.

This picture cracks me up - he looks like a child being forced to pose with his parents before he can go play. But if you look closely you can see his cute little bow tie :)

We could not have asked for better weather.
Highs in the mid-70's. 
Lows at night in the 50's. 
Cool enough to build a bonfire.
Cool enough to need long sleeves.
We were in heaven. 

Due to aforementioned weather, Pierre got to take his very first convertible ride. 
I cannot begin to explain to you how cute his long ears were flopping around in the wind.

 Sleepy Pierre was exhausted from all the activity and ended up in my lap and cuddled up next to Eric in a rocking chair on the front porch at the end of the night.
If there was ever any doubt, this dog was meant for our family. 

Sadly I took no photos after Saturday night.
(smacks forehead)
I have got to get better about that. 
With my phone, I have no excuse.
On Sunday morning, we went to downtown Greenville for Sunday brunch at Soby's with Eric's parents.

My heavens.
The weather was amazing. 
Pierre loved the cool weather sitting outside.
And the food was to die for. 
 Eric's bloody mary had crab in it. 
The end.  

Since Greenville is very dog friendly, Pierre got to go!
His first of many slow, Sunday brunches in this family :)
He did great sitting by our table, and got 2 pieces of bacon in his food bowl for being a good boy while we ate.

Eric flew back out to Virginia on Sunday night, and I stayed until Monday morning.
Eric's mom, sister, and I went to see The Huntsman on Sunday night. 
Have you seen it?
We weren't the biggest seemed a strange combination of old-knights-tale, fantasy, and anime.
Anywho, we had fun together at least.
Eric's mom and I ended the night with a long chat, per usual, and then Pierre and I hit the road in the rain around 9:30 on Monday morning. 
We had such a fantastic weekend with family. 
The Carolinas never disappoint, and we find it a little harder to come back to Tampa each time we visit.'s to really enjoying a weekend in our own home this weekend! 
Trying some new recipes out this weekend, so I'll report back accordingly.
Hope ya'll have a fun, restful, happy weekend!


  1. What a small world!!! I live in Greenville, SC! :) Love my sweet town. I also love new sweet blog friends... thanks for the follow. Consider me your now follower as well!
    You and your husband are adorable by the way!!!

  2. Gorgeous... I need to come visit... and get a bowtie and a boy dog...

  3. I love downtown Greenville! Such a beautiful place. Do you know where that bowtie was purchased?! We've been looking for one for my friend's dog for their engagement photos. The fact that it's seersucker makes me that much more excited!