Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Pinterest Challenge

Totally guilty of it. 
You are too.
Pin pin pin. 
Tucking bits of lovelies, usefuls, and DIYs away for future use.
Except all the fabulous ideas never make it off the page. 

Pin...to real life.
It has been hotter than hot here this week. 
Just like everywhere else in the country.
Way back when, I used to buy Frosty Paws for my dog in the summer.
Ice cream for dogs, for those who aren't familiar.

But at $4 a box, for just a few cups, I was intrigued by this pin:

Homemade Frosty Paws. 

 I halved the recipe because I only had one egg carton that was empty and started out with these ingredients.

The (halved) recipe is super easy.
I bet you have all of these ingredients already.

1/2 ripe banana
16 oz. plain yogurt
1 tbsp. peanut butter
1 tbsp. honey 

Then you need a mixer, and an egg carton or ice tray to freeze it in. I personally am an egg carton fan, as I found you can easily tear the carton away from the ice cream cubes when they are frozen. 
Combine ingredients in bowl and mix until smooth and well blended. 

Let dog lick peanut butter spoon before placing in dishwasher.

Spoon mixture into your egg carton or ice tray, and place in freezer until solid. 

Let dog lick spoon again. 
The spoon, not the bowl, for us.
With a basset hound, the ears pick up just as much as the tongue, and I'd rather not have to scrub yogurt out of them before bed.

Once the mixture is frozen, submerge the bottom of the carton in warm water for a minute or two to loosen the cubes, and then put the ice cream into a separate container or ziplock baggie.  Pop back into the freezer for easy summer treats for your pooch!

This is  only half of the human ice cream that Eric's office sent us as a "summer treat" package. All I have to say is, Lord, grant me willpower.

This pin was a winner for us!
The consistency isn't exactly like that of Frosty Paws (in that it isn't as creamy or ice cream like); Pierre chews his like an ice cube, although it's much softer than ice. 
However, the flavor is there, and he loves them.
I like it because:
 a) It's cheaper than Frosty Paws in stores (and you know I love a deal),
b) I know exactly what ingredients my dog is getting, and
c)The portion sizes are smaller than Frosty Paws, so they work better as a daily treat after hot walks.

And yes, I confess that tasted it before I gave it to him. 
And just calm it down - you saw exactly what went in it a minute ago.
Not nearly as sweet as people treats, but otherwise tasty.

I haven't tried some of the other varieties that the site mentions, simply because Pierre's favorite thing ever is peanut butter. 
So, we stuck with the original.  
I'm linking up with Kate from Centsational Girl, Young House LoveBower Power, and Ten June!

This took me all of fifteen minutes to do!
And I feel oddly productive. 
It's a really good feeling on a Tuesday morning. 
Go grab something fun off your boards and join us, won't you?


  1. This is such a good idea! I haven't seen this pinned yet and i know my dog would love this!

  2. I have to try this tonight for Chloe! She loves PB and I have given her FP before as a treat. Glad it has been humand tested and dog-approved.

  3. I have had this pinned forever! Maybe Floyd will get some this weekend. And we do the same thing with the PB spoon...Floyd knows hes getting some as soon as its taken out of the pantry.

  4. why does this look so yummy?! lol i must be hungry, thanks so much for sharing!

  5. THANKS!!! We can no longer find Frosty paws in our area. This is a great idea!!! Can't wait to make some for our sweet Jack Russell :)

  6. You are a hoot... what a FABULOUS Idea! I'm thinking my kids would love these too!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. ha! I was literally just talking about this recipe with another dog-lovin' blogger. I have GOT to try this for Sherm! Such a great idea.

  8. What a great idea! And I love the idea of the Pinterest Challenge! I'm definitely guilty of pinning HUNDREDS of photos, and I think I've actually brought only 2 of those to life. Woopsie!

    Love your blog ;)


  9. OMG so making these when I get my puppy! He is absolutely darling btw~

  10. i TOTALLY need to make these for my dogs, i swear they are like mom please give us cooler temps, we can't stand the hotness. and when my husband doesn't eat all the bananas i buy him, which is a lot mind you, this would be a perfect way to use them

  11. Is this a dog treat, or a human treat? It looks really good.

  12. Yummy, those puppy treats look good! I like to print off the recipes that I pin and put them next to my stove. It seems to work SOME of the time :) Cute blog!

  13. What a wonderful idea! I'm all for healthy, natural, easy, cheap treats for my pooch babies :-) I've so enjoyed stumbling upon your blog, and look forward to reading more! So nice to "meet" you! Happy weekend~

  14. I love love LOVE this pin. My puppy dog LOVES peanut butter (in ways only a dog can) and it's hotter than hades around these parts for her. Totally making these. If I get off the computer now I could make her some in time for the road trip we're about to leave on.

    Bernadette from www.b3hd.blogspot.com

  15. This is such a great idea! Your dog is adorable :)I may need to do this for my puppies!

  16. Awww, this is awesome!! My little pups would love these treats!!

  17. SUCH a fun idea. We introduced our dog to Frosty Paws while on vacation back home a few weeks ago. I can't seem to find it here locally but now I don't have to worry about that. This looks like a varied version of my morning smoothie so I am good to go with the ingredients. Wonder if this is mutt diet approved (she's trying to drop a few LBS!)

  18. My mother makes these treats and keeps them at our lakehouse for all of the dogs who visit (and our family dog). She makes hers in muffin tins and then puts them in Ziplock baggies. Also, they are served really easily out of short/wide coffee mugs -- doggies can lick them in the mug and it keeps the floors clean, too!