Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap...and why you might think we lost our minds in 2013

Once again, our Christmas was a whirlwind of travel this year...the joys of living 9 hours away from family.

Last. Year. Driving.


We're hoping to spend Christmas Eve 2013 in our own house, in our own the Carolinas.

Despite the travel, we managed to have a lovely Christmas this year. We had TONS more time off than we normally do and were able to spend a good amount of time with both friends AND family, which was really nice.

Eric and I had our own "Christmas morning" before we left Tampa, and we had so much fun!  In the past, we've done dinner and gifts at night before heading back up to SC, but morning was tons more fun. We started off with coffee, mimosas.....and Pierre's stocking. Because we just couldn't help ourselves.  If this is how much fun we have with a dog, I can only imagine the fun we'll have with children!

G, my law school BFF (who you have heard me talk about time and time again), got that coffee mug made for me for Christmas/bar study. That's right, it's covered with photos of the two of us together over the past three years of law school- including ones from each of our respective weddings - and I love it. I think every Christmas gift we've ever bought each other has been coffee/mug related. Love traditions.

Y'all. Pierre was SO funny with his stocking and presents. We thought he wouldn't really know what to do, but we were wrong. He dug into his stocking like he knew every single thing in it was for him, but we had to keep taking "breaks" because he wanted to play with every one as soon as he got it.

As for his presents, I'm not sure what he enjoyed more - the presents or the wrapping paper.  He ripped into his gifts like he knew exactly what he was doing! Hysterical.

If I can brag on Eric for just a gift giver ever. The man has a little secret file in his email entitled "gifts for Casey" that he adds to all year long whenever he hears me mention little things. The result? I end up with the most amazing, thoughtful gifts for all occasions. Down to the favorite scent of candles in my stocking. My favorite gift this year? These.

I have had my eye on them since Pioneer Woman blogged about them first, way back when. And then told Eric not to get them, because since we live in FL and it's never cool enough to wear them, blah blah blah. But he figured since we're moving soon and you know, living in Virginia for the next two months that I should just have them now. (Wait, what? More to come on this, hold your horses.)  Anywho, I've basically lived in them since. That's all you need to know. And if you are on the fence about spending the cash, spend it on these. Worth every penny. And that's coming from the most frugal girl in blogland. Gorgeous, great quality, comfy, and a high enough heel to not feel frumpy.

The weekend before Christmas, we made the trek up to SC, loaded down with Christmas gifts for friends and both families, and not much else except for everything we (and Pierre) would need for the next two months. Here's where I fill you in. Basically, we knew Eric would be working in Richmond through March, and instead of me staying at home alone studying for the bar exam all week, every week (read: losing my sanity, one lecture at a time), we decided that I would just join him. At least that would get me out into the real world/fresh air once a day for dinner. And then...we decided that I would just go ahead and join him there now, instead of later. Because what was the point of driving 9 hours to SC, 9 hours back to Tampa, and then 13 hours again to Richmond at some point? The bottom line is....our car was packed to capacity. But we made it. Mr. Pierre may have been a bit squished in the backseat, but we made it. I just kept saying, "If we can JUST make it to SC...we'll be fine."

And so we did. Our first stop was Lexington, SC....home of the Robersons! It seems like for the past couple of years, Amy (new blogger! Check her out!) and I were always busy whenever we saw each other...planning one of our weddings, showers, etc. It was so nice to spend a weekend with Amy and Josh where we could We love spending time with these two because this is what our Saturday nights normally consist of...

High class, and fancy at that, I know.  And also because they don't yell at us when our dog pees on their rug. Sigh.

After we left the Roberson household on Sunday, we headed to Camden for a few days to celebrate Christmas with my family. Pierre stole the the majority of the photos, and otherwise.

And I just have to point Nana got both her first pair of Toms AND Uggs this holiday season. Trendy little thing.  Pierre was still into the wrapping paper. And most of you will surely agree with my mom and I...a can of hairspray tucked into a Christmas gift is never a bad thing.

And then (just when you thought this blog post would surely end), we headed up to Simpsonville to have Christmas again with Eric's family! Although we are a long way from "home" in Tampa, we're fortunate that our families only live about two hours away from each other - makes holidays a little more doable.

I have absolutely no photos of us opening presents with Eric's family (eek, bad daughter-in-law/bad blogger).  In my defense, I left our camera in the car when we got there, so Eric's mom stepped in. But I didn't get the photos from her yet.

We always enjoy our time at their house - so relaxing and peaceful. Except this Christmas I spent the majority of our time there studying for the bar exam.  Blegh. Not peaceful.

Pierre always has a blast running around their land and the pond, although he was a weeee bit cold this year.  He spent a lot of time laying on the back of the couch in the TV room, looking out the window at the pond and monitoring everyone's comings and goings.  I wondered why that spot was his favorite until I walked over to give him some love...little stinker was right on top of a vent blowing heat out. He barely moved all week.

One major development in the Ferri family...Eric's parents adopted a PUPPY while we were there!  They love Pierre's size and demeanor, so they picked a basset/beagle mix! Her name is Stormy, and she is a doll, and only eight weeks old. Pierre spent the remainder of his time there showing her the ropes. He had the BEST time playing with her, and he (surprisingly) shared all of his toys and bones without being even a little bit snarky. I cannot wait to see her when we're back in the spring...grow ears, grow!

We had a yummy dinner and fancy beers out with Eric's family one night, and then spent New Year's Eve with our friends Kyle and Kirby. (I actually do have one, single, solitary photo from NYE, but we all look horrendous in it, so I will spare you. You're welcome, Kirby.)  On New Year's Day, Eric and I made the six hour trek further north to Richmond, VA...our new home until the end of February.

We might be crazy to spend two months together in a hotel, with a basset hound, but it's been perfectly manageable so far. And dare I say's been fun!

New Adventure: Pierre does the Hilton. Clearly, it's been a wild time for him...

Originally, I hadn't planned on blogging while studying for the bar exam. I really don't have the time during the week, and the more I can remove from my plate while tackling this beast the better.  But...I do realize that we're embarking on a pretty crazy journey in a pretty crazy way right now, and I'd prefer to have a crazy recap of it for later. My posts may be limited to the weekends, but I'll be around!

I hope you all are off to a fantastic start in 2013! I'm so pumped to see all the good that's to come this year!


  1. Blogging will be therapuetic while you study and a much needed break. Remember to take time for yourself each day so you do not burn out! Love the boots and good luck on the bar!! I know you can do it.

  2. Love all the pics of Pierre and your boots!! Floyd does the same thing on the back of the sofa, over the vent. These boys are smarter than we give them credit for.
    Good luck studying!!

  3. Pierre looks so cute!! I love it! The Happiness Project is such a great read. I really enjoyed it and plan to read it again! Good luck with bar exam, and enjoy VA!

  4. Love. those. boots. and the mug. Just sayin.

  5. It is official...I need more Pierre in my life. Those eyes? The present opening? I AM OBSESSED!

  6. Hi lady - I nominated you for the Liebster Award because I love reading your blog so much! Check out my page to learn more!