Monday, August 12, 2013

Basset BFFs

This weekend was the most fun weekend that Eric and I have had in a VERY long time. After months of orchestrating and countless G-chats, Sarah and I united our basset babies in person for the first time!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, blogging is so ridiculously wonderful.  I mean, without it, Sarah and I probably never would have met, and I would have been missing out on an AMAZING friendship. From the moment we walked in their door, it was like we were old friends reunited.
None of this awkward sit-politely-with-your-hands-in-your-lap type stuff. Rather, Mister handed Eric a beer and they propped up on the counter to chat. Sarah and I were giddy pouring wine and exchanging trinkets, and Pierre had his head buried in Floyd's toy basket enjoying himself and making a mess of Sarah's clean living room. And Sarah didn't care. In true basset form, Floyd observed all from the corner of the room with slight disdain, none too happy to have been woken from his slumber (don't blame him a bit).

As an added bonus early in the weekend, my law school bestie, G, was in town visiting her family....close to Sarah's house!!!  G still lives in FL, and we haven't seen each other since Eric and I moved - so seriously, what are the chances of us getting to visit hundreds of miles away from where either of us live?  While everyone else got some work done on Friday morning, I was a total slacker and scooted down the street to have coffee with G. It was the best coincidence ever.

She's still got that "post bar exam glow" :)

I'm not sure that I can put into words the joy of having TWO basset hounds in the same household - maybe you can try to get a grasp from the photos?

Pierre and Floyd have SO MANY similarities, but each still has a distinct personality. It was so much fun to just watch them together.  Pierre basically followed in Floyd's footsteps like Floyd was his older brother. If I were Floyd, I'd have been a little annoyed - as you can see, Pierre basically took over his parents' laps for the weekend. 

Floyd exceeded my expectations, as you might imagine. I mean, what a doll - even cuter in person. And so much personality!!! I just kept talking to him, waiting for him to respond. Which....sometimes he did ;)

Sarah and Mister outdid themselves as hosts...I mean, if I were you, I'd try to get a weekend at their house on the books as soon as possible.  And maybe, if we pressure her enough, Sarah will post the recipe for the most delicious banana bread that I have ever had.

Pierre helping Mister with dinner reservations.

Basically, we ate, and ate, and ate....and ate some more. They took us to favorite restaurants and a rooftop bar (so fun). We also went to the fancy dog park. Then we napped. Then we ate some more.

And we just HUNG OUT people, and it was amazing. I'm fully aware of the fact that you can't do that with all takes a special type to just have fun *existing* with.  Floyd's parents? THEY are a special type. 

I truly wish you all could have seen Pierre and Floyd at the dog park.  Pierre trotted around that place in his life jacket like it was the happiest day of his life.  I think it might have been, actually.  He was literally SMILING. It made our hearts so warm.

Now, you might be wondering what shenanigans ensued with two bassets under one roof.  Pierre tried his hardest to snag a bite of Sarah's BBQ sandwich, while Floyd awaited his chance at Eric's. 
For the amount of plotting that COULD have gone on, they were well-behaved.

If you think Sarah and I look giddy and excited in every single photo we took all weekend, it's because we were. We got pretty wild and crazy partying chatting until 3 am on Sunday.

One last thing. At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging about how GREAT my friends are....look at this darling little necklace that Sarah had waiting for me. Just LOOK!

She has a matching one with an "F" for Floyd, and we wore them together to Ulta on Sunday. That's right. We are THOSE people.

In all seriousness, a major THANK YOU to Floyd and his wonderful parents for an incredible weekend and for making us feel like their home was ours! We are already plotting the next Basset-BFF weekend!


  1. So much cuteness in one post! So glad you guys had a great time. All the pictures are just adorable!!

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend. I love both of your blogs (and your dogs) and it is so great that you got to meet in real life. I had a blate this weekend too!!! :)

  3. i cannot handle both pierre and floyd under one roof, SO CUTE! i think our next dog needs to be a basset... henry needs a mini-me!

  4. OKAY I'M JEALOUS!!!!!!!! This post is so fab, but mostly I just love that video of Pierre swimming and smiling and Floyd being all "YOU ARE CRAZY! GET OUT OF THAT WATER!"

    Can't wait to plan another one!

  5. Y'all. I just can't handle how beautiful this is!! (As is your statement necklace in that one picture, so details, please.)
    I'm so happy for y'all that the weekend was better than you even imagined - these blog friendships might be weird to non-bloggers, but they're so wonderfully special to those of us who "get it." :)

  6. What a neat 'blog buddy" story! And the dogs were precious, love the life vest! I can't wait to see you as a mom to a little person! Baby will be pimped out ;)

  7. Oh my it looks like you two had so much fun. If you are ever back in Ohio, I might have to come down to Cinci and crash your blate! I would love to meet both Pierre and Floyd :) Glad you had a great time!

  8. Eeeee! I love this! We had the bestest time and are counting the days til we see you guys again! Until then, Floyd will be resting and working on his attitude.

  9. That was me up there....dang google.

  10. Hi Casey! Stopping over after I saw all the fun/cuteness on Sarah's blog! Next time you're in Cincy I'll have to crash in too!!

  11. it appears that I need to get myself a basset hound immediately. but because i know the boo will never sign on for another dog (considering our current dog has eaten all the furniture and routinely breaks into the fridge) i will just play make believe with pierre and floyd. seriously though, we need a dog park like that in DC!