Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall has....fell?

It's a chilly weekend in Florida this weekend! Well, chilly for us anyway. Highs in the high 60's! Almost unheard of in November! I unfortunately woke up with a cold in full force this morning. Lovely...just in time to work on my appellate brief all weekend. Perfect timing right? Oh well...I'll be cozy with coffee up in the office all weekend reading and writing away. Practice oral argument tomorrow! At least a little Christmas always helps!
No, I haven't started decorating yet :)  This is from last year, but serves as a warm reminder of what is coming soon to get me through all the work I have to do this weekend! I also found a WONDERFUL new Pandora station...called Peaceful Holidays. Check it out - doesn't it just sound beautiful?

Meanwhile, my guy will be playing in the garage fixing up cute "Little Blue" enjoying the cooler weather...

Until these two come over tonight that is, for some homemade chili and fun time. Sort of. Laura and I will be work work working still...with a little of her wedding planning tossed in the mix :) Okay, and maybe Mariah's new Christmas CD. Always a good time.

Just another day in paradise! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

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