Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

This post is to rave about a product I love, not put down the ones I have been less than thrilled with.  But. In the interest of full disclosure....I was not so thrilled with the holiday card choices from my normal stationary provider this year! No names mentioned.  I have never ordered holiday cards from Shutterfly before, but when they told me that they would give me 50 free cards just for taking a look around their site and telling you about it, I figured I'd give it a shot. And the verdict is?

I am in love people. In love.  Their designs are seriously some of the cutest I have ever seen...and I am somewhat of a Christmas junkie as most of you already know.  The only problem is choosing a card!  I'm not going to share the one that I picked for Eric and I because I want you to be surprised when it shows up in your mailbox, but I will share some of my favorites.

(Disclaimer: If you don't really care what I think, you can skip the rest and go straight to to pick your own favorites.)

First up is this adorable card with scalloped edging.  You'll be able to tell that I'm drawn to simple cards, with clean lines. Classic, but with a pop :) I love the front design on this with the large black and white photo, with a simple font that pops below.

 The best part? Their cards have ample room for personalization can write your own message or greeting.  The below setup is genius...a mini timeline so that you can give your friends and family an update on the happenings of the year month by month, or with an individual photo of each family member.  I suppose we would do the timeline seeing as how it's just Eric and me :)  Sorry for the blurriness...I couldn't get a clear shot to save, but wanted to show you the inside options.
Then there's this cute that they made it look like a present! Appropriately, the title of this one is "All Wrapped Up"...again, love the big bold photo with the clean lines of the ribbon.

 I love love love red and lime green together at the holidays.  I incorporate a lot of it into decorating our own home, so I love the whimsical design of this card, without it getting too "busy."
And last but not least, this just might be my favorite design.  That one little word, "Joy," just says so much around the holidays doesn't it?  How appropriate to have it front and center on a photo card of your children at Christmas. 
I'm a fan of the photo cards - I still have a ton of fabulous wedding photos that I'm dying to use.  But if photos aren't your thing, they have photo-free ones - folded, flat, all different shapes and sizes.
I really could go on and on, but I won't because I know most of you will want to go to to browse around on your own. 

I'm all for getting stuff for free ladies, but I'm telling you, I would gladly pay full price for these beauties. That's because they're super affordable to begin with.  And if you've already ordered your Christmas cards for this year?  Don't fret! They do more than just Christmas....How about some cute Thanksgiving cards or invites for this year? (

Or perhaps thank you cards for your little ones (or you) to write after the hustle and bustle is over for all the amazing gifts that you're sure to recieve?(

Let me know what you find that you love :) And watch for ours in the mail!

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